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Research Projects

I am working as a research assistant on several projects related to public policy and politics in the UK. I will update this page with details of the projects and links to the subsequent reports as soon as they are available. 

We use public polling to explore whether the pandemic will have a lasting effect on politics and public policy in Britain. We ask whether the public want their lives and the role of government to change once the pandemic is over, or if they just want things to go back to how they were.

Crowd with Masks

Place and Wellbeing Priorities in Local Government

This project explores the impact of Covid 19 on the wellbeing agenda in local government.

Through a series of workshops and interviews with local council officers and elected councillors we examine whether the pandemic has spurred on efforts to put residents' wellbeing at the centre of local priorities, or if the financial burden placed on local authorities has meant that resources only remain for the most basic of services. 

Image by Gayatri Malhotra
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